Kuss & Warner Family 2015
Duane Alan Kuss
Duane began his family genealogy research back in the early 1980’s. Most of his work was done when he joined his Aunt Mary Kuss Cornelius on a single day trip to Blue Earth, Minnesota. There they visited Lee and Alvina Kuss Boeck, Adelia Rosa Kuss Failes and Alta May Warner Stier Gollnick. A special thanks goes out to Aunt Mary Kuss Cornelius for her help in acquiring much of information and pictures included herein.

On February 1, 2001 another major milestone in the Kuss Family research was accomplished. I know that it will be difficult for most of you to appreciate the moment that took place last Thursday night when I was in Salt Lake City. Few will remember the trip I took with Aunt Mary Cornelius almost 21 years ago to the date. I’m sure you won't remember the first print out I made on my old Apple II Plus of a first effort to create a family tree.
Well today I'm sharing with you a very special milestone in the 21 years of my off and on research of the Kuss family. With this discovery I'm providing proof and verification that most of the information I've gathered to date is truthful and for the most part accurate.

That Thursday evening, I visited the Mormon Family Research Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this library I found microfiche that includes ships logs for the past 2-300 years. It was on August 8th, 1891, the day that our great grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm Kuss set foot on United States soil in New York. I can't begin to tell you what it was like to look at over a half city block of storage bins that held nothing but microfiche and to think that I was able to find the one square inch of film that showed the name of our Great GrandFather... it was a spine chilling and tearful moment.

And to think if I hadn't taken the time 35 years ago to join Aunt Mary on the trip to see Alvina Kuss Boeck, I would have never known which end of the storage bins to begin looking... and I would have probably been there for the rest of my life.... LOL

Earlier in the Spring of 2012, Aunt Mary rejoiced in the cradle of life and now wears a crown of true royalty. I miss her dearly in so many ways. I’m thankful she nurtured me under her wing and she fed me with her loving kindness. This 2015 version of the Kuss/Warner Family website is dedicated to her life and all the wonderful people she touched.

I hope you enjoy what you’ll discover...